"Along comes one of the BEST products to the market, that I have seen in a long time, Envirochute... no more wash downs on job sites, residential properties, city catch basins etc. Hang it on the end of your fold over chute, wash into the Envirochute, empty the coarse aggregate, blow the slurry back into the mixer, no fuss, no mess."

Don Watling, Manager
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.

"Our decision to purchase the units was not driven entirely by environmental concerns, which are in themselves important, but chose to do so recognizing that they can save us on sensitive sites. We feel that the time spent washing through the Envirochute system is less than that required to rack out chutes and travel to a designated wash out area on a project."

Garry Scott, Manager
Surespan Ready Mix Ltd.

"The purchase price is less than the other system we tried, there is no down time to clean a pump, there are significantly fewer moving parts to consider for replacement for wear, and they are easier to operate. Our mixer operators are happy with the product and when they are happy there is always a higher percentage of acceptance and use.  We are proud of the Envirochute system and we use that in our marketing approach, and advertising. I would recommend the Envirochute system to anyone interested in protecting the environment while preserving their own profitability."

Allen G. Blankenship, Operations Manager
Frontier Materials Concrete

"In August of 2003, I was introduced to the Envirochute wash down system and was excited to learn that this system does not use a pump and has no moving parts. We purchased 15 units and found them easy to install and operate.  I am pleased with the operation of the units and the drivers find them much easier to use. I have ordered more units and intend to refurbish our entire fleet. I would recommend the Envirochute system to anyone considering a wash out system for their fleet."

Donald D. Guerrero, Fleet Equipment Manager
Allied Concrete

"Our customers have come to appreciate our ability to contain wash down debris on sensitive sites. We have always charged an environmental fee and the presence of the wash system on our fleet is indicative of where some of those monies are spent and our commitment to the environment. We will continue to order more units as our fleet expands and would recommend the Envirochute system to anyone looking to purchase a wash system."

Rod Owen-Flood, Owner
Independent Concrete Ltd.

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